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The Lazy Cook: Weekend Part 1 (Ferry Building Goodness) - By Z

Big Fish

Though the title of this post is the lazy cook, it only refers to the amount of cooking that I did… I was far from lazy this weekend. Each day, from Thursday all the way through Sunday has been jam-packed with food, family, friends, and some productivity in between (don’t worry, there won’t be pictures of that).

I should also be called the lazy blogger, because this is just going to be a series of photos.

The captions should at least give you some clue to what’s going on. However, in keeping with the style of the rest of my posts, the above picture doesn’t have a caption. So, I’ll just tell you what it is:

It’s a 30 year old fish that we saw at Night Life at the California Academy of Sciences. Yeah, he’s not food technically, but I could eat him, provided I wasn’t slightly intimidated by him.

Which I am.

He’s 30! What is that in fish years? A lot, I bet.

Hog’s Island Oyster Co.

Hog's Island Oysters

Hog's Island Oysters... Perfect with a little lemon lime, a little mignonette (shallots and vinegar), a little (or a lotta) hot sauce, or any combination thereof

Mussels, Wine, and Bread

Mussels, Wine, Beer, and Bread... I don't really know what else you need. Well, except there was a severe lack of broth. Mussels need broth!

Tuna and Bacon Confit

Tuna and Bacon Confit

Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder... apparently this was on some list of the best clam chowders in SF. I couldn't find the list, but I believe it.

Oyster Shell Stack

"Take a picture of that. It looks pretty"

Impromptu Wine and Cheese Party

After having a few drinks and a bunch of seafood at Hog’s Island, we decided to explore the Ferry Building for cheese and tasty salted pig parts that I could bring to share with my family. Now, my sister is not a big fan of any goat product. My mother (on a doctor’s advice) used to force her to drink copious amounts of goat’s milk… even on cereal. So, understandably but sadly, my sister doesn’t appreciate a wonderful goat cheese.

I decided to try and change that. Filled with beer and oyster liquor, I marched up to the counter at Cowgirl Creamery and asked for their “least goat-y goat cheese.” For the life of me, I can’t remember the type of cheese she gave me, but (to my palate, at least) it wasn’t that goat-y. I also picked up some Truffle Tremor (from the makers of Humboldt Fog), a semi-soft, truffle-y goat cheese. As a consolation prize, in case my sister couldn’t handle the non goat-y goat cheese, I got some salame pepato.

Turns out the non goat-y goat cheese was too goat-y for her. She got two bites in and gave me a horrified and betrayed look with a mouth full of toasted baguette, cheese, and salami:

Dob dis hab GOAT id it?!

Still life with goat

Mystery "non goat-y" goat cheese, grapes, salame pepato, Truffle Tremor, and toasted baguette

By the way, I did toast the baguettes, so I wasn’t ENTIRELY lazy.If you want wonderful crackers to eat with cheese, get a baguette from the store, slice it thinly, lay the slices out on a cookie sheet, drizzle ‘em with some olive oil, then broil them until golden brown, turn, oil, and repeat. Wonderful (and cheap) crackers.

Grape Amuse-Bouche

These amuse-bouche amused my sister and brother-in-law. Well, not the actual bites, but more the fact that the way I pronounced it sounded like: عمو بوش which, if you translate it from Farsenglish becomes: "The smell of your uncle." Not very appetizing.

Roxy the Corgi

NOT FOOD: My niece looks lovingly up at her mother.

Notice how Roxy is in constant licking mode. I’m fairly convinced that she’s part snake and needs her tongue in order to interact with her environment.


  1. harold wrote:

    Funny, when somebody told me a soup had goat in it, it actually had dog in it. So if you tell someone it’s cow, it’s goat, and if you tell someone it’s goat, it’s dog. What would it be if you told someone their meal has dog in it? It’s probably rat.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 12:38 am | Permalink
  2. Z wrote:

    So the order of meat trickery is cow, goat, dog, rat? Just so we’re clear.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 12:39 am | Permalink

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