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Category Archives: Alcoholic

Dark Chocolate Soufflé

I like experimentation. I rarely make a dish the same way twice. I recently described my cooking to someone as frenetic and while I originally meant that I generally flail about the kitchen, I think it describes my approach to recipes as well. If there’s a flavor I want or a texture I’m after, I’m [...]

Mint Juleps: A Summer Drink, For Spring

I wrote this a long time ago and made this drink even longer before that. I have a bit of a blog backlog. I only mention that because today is a day when I could really use one of these, but fresh mint and bourbon are so far away. I’d have to walk for nearly [...]

Yep, I’m Officially That Guy [Mobile Post]

My roommate Will and I are currently mid meal at Delfina Pizzeria. I’m on my second slice of ‘Purgatorio’ pizza. I not only took a picture with my phone, I’m now blogging about it from the selfsame phone… That guy status achieved. In my defense, the pizza does have an egg on it. Unfortunately, I [...]

The Lazy Cook: Weekend Part 1 (Ferry Building Goodness)

Though the title of this post is the lazy cook, it only refers to the amount of cooking that I did… I was far from lazy this weekend. Each day, from Thursday all the way through Sunday has been jam-packed with food, family, friends, and some productivity in between (don’t worry, there won’t be pictures [...]

A (Near) Perfect Ice Cream Float: Oatmeal Stout Floats and More!

I hesitate to call this concoction perfect only because perfection in cooking really is in the mouth of the beholder (tongue of the beholder?). I might think a dish is perfect and you might complain that it’s too spicy. Then, of course, I will make fun of you for being a baby, but that is [...]