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Cheezburger…om nom nom.

In which your intrepid guest-blogging physicist makes cheeseburgers.

Yep, I’m Officially That Guy [Mobile Post]

My roommate Will and I are currently mid meal at Delfina Pizzeria. I’m on my second slice of ‘Purgatorio’ pizza. I not only took a picture with my phone, I’m now blogging about it from the selfsame phone… That guy status achieved. In my defense, the pizza does have an egg on it. Unfortunately, I [...]

Potato [Not] Croquettes: Part of this Complete Breakfast

So, as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum on this blog (and in life), I like variety in all things. With food, this manifests as a desire for different flavors, different textures, and different colors. However, I also always have leftovers because I never want to not have enough if unexpected guests show up. Combine the love [...]

Panko Breaded Sriracha Chicken Strips

I’ve woken up for the past 3 mornings to the drumbeat of rain on my roof. The rain itself is not terribly unusual, but the sheer volume seems out of the ordinary and, aside from temporary respites, the storm doesn’t seem to be abating. It’s the perfect time to sit at home and curl up [...]