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Mama-Made Meals and New Guest Bloggers

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted, but rest assured that I have good things in the works for you, my dear readers. Both of you are in for a treat when we start getting dispatches from our new guest bloggers. If all works out, we will have an English teacher (and my [...]

Oven “Pot” Roast: Room for Improvement

So, at about the 3 hour point of cooking this roast, I had given up on it. It didn’t feel right in the oven, it looked and seemed dry, and after a bit of Googling I discovered what I had done wrong (more on that later). I was a bit dejected. Even though the grand [...]

The Weekend 2: Electric Boogaloo (Retirement Party Goodness)

My dad (بابا is what I call him) just retired and a bunch of friends and family gathered to celebrate. We had a potluck, which I love, but I think my dad put it especially well; he said that by asking everyone to bring something, it makes them feel like they are a part of [...]