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Cheezburger…om nom nom.

In which your intrepid guest-blogging physicist makes cheeseburgers.

Eggs in a Bread Bowl

This would have been a perfect post for an Easter breakfast. That’s what I typed a couple of weeks ago, when I last intended to write this post. And it was a month before that when I ate this meal. It’s odd because half of me feels like it happened an eternity ago and the [...]

Potato [Not] Croquettes: Part of this Complete Breakfast

So, as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum on this blog (and in life), I like variety in all things. With food, this manifests as a desire for different flavors, different textures, and different colors. However, I also always have leftovers because I never want to not have enough if unexpected guests show up. Combine the love [...]

Goat Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños

Jalapeños stuffed with goat cheese, topped with cheddar cheese, and chased down with Mothership Wit. It’s a mountain of spice and flavor and super easy to make. First, buy the beer. It’s pretty damn delicious. I had never had it before, but it really reminded me of Chimay, which I also love. Belgian wheat beers [...]