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International Bacon Day: Figs, Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Wrapped in Bacon

Today is International Bacon Day. I was informed of this by my girlfriend this morning, then immediately interrogated about our household bacon levels. My response (“one strip”) was deemed unsatisfactory, so off we went to the store to get more. At the store, I bought a half pound of bacon. Upon seeing it, my girlfriend [...]

Goat Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños

Jalapeños stuffed with goat cheese, topped with cheddar cheese, and chased down with Mothership Wit. It’s a mountain of spice and flavor and super easy to make. First, buy the beer. It’s pretty damn delicious. I had never had it before, but it really reminded me of Chimay, which I also love. Belgian wheat beers [...]

The Lazy Cook: Weekend Part 1 (Ferry Building Goodness)

Though the title of this post is the lazy cook, it only refers to the amount of cooking that I did… I was far from lazy this weekend. Each day, from Thursday all the way through Sunday has been jam-packed with food, family, friends, and some productivity in between (don’t worry, there won’t be pictures [...]

Leftover Sriracha Chicken Vegetable Scramble With Goat Cheese

Waste not, want not. I grew up in a household where my mother always made enough to have leftovers. This served several purposes. First of all, if we ever had any unexpected guests, there was always enough for them (and even if not, we’d find some way to share what we had). Second, it saved [...]

Don’t Take My Plate From Me or: The First Blog Post From My Phone [Mobile Post]

First of all, the picture of the brussels sprouts stalk is unrelated. (I got it at Trader Joe’s for helllaaa cheap.) I took it awhile ago when I still hoped that this phone’s camera could launch a food blog. I’ve since been disabused of that notion, especially since this damn thing doesn’t have a flash [...]