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Now, I’ve never raised a baby (and I’m not going to start any time soon, no matter what Child Protective Service says, dammit!) but growing vegetables from seed is a crude but cromulent enough comparison.

A Post About Compost

It’s still winter in Korea and when it comes to winters, Korean winters are pretty mild. As a Southern California native, I don’t think it’s a picnic to walk around with my face all numb, but it can get worse. Just ask a Canadian. You can tell who the Canadians are in winter because they’re [...]

This Fancy-Pants Blog Is About To Get Fancier

A short time ago somewhere in South Korea, some dude named Harold read this blog and said to himself, “Golly, I’d sure like to get in on that action.” For once in his miserable life he got what he wanted. Z can write about goat cheeses, roasts, and prosciutto because he can. He lives in [...]