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Mint Juleps: A Summer Drink, For Spring

I wrote this a long time ago and made this drink even longer before that. I have a bit of a blog backlog. I only mention that because today is a day when I could really use one of these, but fresh mint and bourbon are so far away. I’d have to walk for nearly [...]

Surf and Turf and Thirst

Our thirst was quenched by red wine and accompanied by a feast that went from under the turf to swimming in the surf: garlic mashed potatoes (root vegetables), caramelized green beans with candied almonds (grown in the turf), grilled ribeyes (grazing on their pastures), and butterfly bayou shrimp (feeding at the bottom of the water) [...]

Mama-Made Meals and New Guest Bloggers

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted, but rest assured that I have good things in the works for you, my dear readers. Both of you are in for a treat when we start getting dispatches from our new guest bloggers. If all works out, we will have an English teacher (and my [...]