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A Respite, A Repast, and A Riposte [Mobile Post] - By Z


Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted (AGAIN), but rest assured, good things are in the works. I have made some delicious meals with some fun new experiments and better yet, my guest bloggers have started guest blogging (though the posts haven’t been published yet).

Raspberry cayenne sauce, rooftop composting, and ice cream… from the FUTURE!

I will have some free time coming up and plan on devoting a good chunk of it to updating the site. To whet your appetites, just know that you will be reading about ice cream, brownie, and chocolate chip cookie with raspberry cayenne sauce by me (and Elliotte), the beginnings of a rooftop garden in Korea by Harold, and liquid nitrogen ice cream by Asad. I also plan on going to an “underground” farmer’s market this weekend and will report back on any finds.

Until then, “What’s for lunch?”

(Note: There is no actual riposte in this post and for that matter, the repast is to come. I went with mellifluity over makingsensery.)

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